Touched by Reading 2016


Are you ready for our annual Touched by Reading party?

Are you on the guest list yet?

Not sure if you’ve already qualified to come to the best party of the year?  (#super74 and #BookswBuzz entries are qualifiers.)  The Guest List is posted in the library display case.

Not on the guest list? Here is how to enter:

  1. Write a poem about a SJAM Library book that you read this year! Your poem should be at least eight lines. It doesn’t have to rhyme!
  2. Make a book trailer about a SJAM Library book that you read this year ! We have iPads in the library if you would like to borrow one to make a trailer using iMovie. We can help, but it’s easy!
  3. Make a six word memoir about a SJAM Library book that you read this year and complete a book review form to go along with it.
  4. Have another idea for a submission? Talk to SJAM Library staff about it to get the okay!

For all of the above, do NOT tell the ending of the book! Your entry should make everyone WANT to read the book, too! No spoilers!

Please submit your entry in the library or by email or sharing via Google Drive to Mrs. MacLeod’s email:

Have any more questions? Drop by the library learning commons for answers!

Party Details

The Touched by Reading party is on June 17th during the lunch break.

Pizza and other delicious things will be served. (If you are celebrating Ramadan and are unable to eat, you are welcome to drop by after the food and still be a part of the draw. Tell us if you plan to do this, so we will be expecting you.  Sorry about that!)

We will be playing Wii games for fun and prizes.

The winner for the iPod Touch will be announced in the last 10 minutes of the lunch break party. The winner will be determined by a draw from all eligible students’ names!


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