Twitter Tuesday- Question 1

Find our 5 SJAM Summer Book Club books here.

We’re going to celebrate Twitter Tuesday to keep things fun thru the summer! Sign up for Twitter and follow us @TheSJAMLibrary to join the fun!

Don’t want that MUCH fun (for whatever reason)? Search for our twitter feed on Google and then email your response to the Twitter question to

OR bookmark our Summer book club page on

and look for posts on Tuesday AND post a message on the bottom of this page. I will get your answer in my school email with your answer.

(( BUT hopefully most of you will try twitter- even if you have to make a special book club twitter! ))

Here is question number one: Make sure you tweet to @TheSJAMLibrary with the hashtag #SJAMsummerbc


Also, let me know if you need a new book club book- at any time thru the summer, and I’ll see if I can set up an exchange with a meet up at the school or a trade with another reader.

Happy reading! Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Mrs. M

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