Summer Book Club

Welcome to our first ever teen summer book club! (All ages welcome!) woo hoo! We’re calling it the SJAM Summer Book Club so use #SJAMsummerbc for any tweets!

Thanks to the publishers who supported giving us by giving us copies of the books- enough to cover the 30 students who signed up- with some sharing! #awesome

The first two books were 2 coming of age novels pictured here:



Our first coming of age story is set locally! Saints, Unexpected, by Brent van Staalduinen is (coolly) set in Hamilton (Gore Park, anyone?) and concerns a girl nicknamed Mutton, who is robbed at gunpoint while working at their family thrift store. There’s also a mobster type developer trying to get his hands on the store, family and first love drama AND a little bit of fantasy with a magical niche in the store.

The second bittersweet coming of age novel: Kay’s Lucky Coin Variety, by Ann Y. K. Choi is set in Toronto in the eighties. (A special thanks to Ann for sending us extra copies to us for our club!) Mary, a Korean Canadian high school senior works in her family’s variety store and also deals with family issues, problems at the store (also faces some violence, like Mutton),  relationship problems and the problems involved with growing up and choosing one’s own life path.


Our next two books are in the category of thriller and fantasy.

Former White Pine author, Teresa Toten’s, new YA thriller Beware that Girl focuses on the back and forth stories of Olivia (a very rich girl) and Kate (a scholarship student), students at a very fancy private school in New York City. Both girls have dark secrets and something very sinister is happening at the school. It’s hard to figure out who to root for- much like Gone Girl. It’s a real page turner and a perfect beach read!

Julia Vanishes, (thanks to Catherine for sending us some personal copies to us for our club all the way from the States!) by Catherine Egan, is a fantasy set in a world where magic is banned. Orphaned at a young age (after her mother is drowned for being a witch and her father runs off), Julia has learned (along side her brother) to survive as a thief and a spy, using her secret talent of being able to “vanish.” She finds herself  posing as a housemaid in a house filled with strange characters and mysteries to unravel. It will change everything for her.

Bonus Book


Thanks to Simon & Schuster Canada for the ARCS of The Unexpected Everything, by Morgan Matson. Andie, an American politician’s daughter, thinks she has her life all planned out until her father suffers a scandal, then her whole life changes.

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