Ms. Stevenson’s Class

Voicethread is one option for your presentation. We have it available through “The Hub” (linked on, under Your Mail.) Login with your School Connect logon.

If you are using an iPad, click on the VT app. Login with your *school email.

*School  email: userid (first initial, 7 letters of last name, last 4 OEN numbers)

As soon as you enter your school email, a popup above will appear saying that you have a HWDSB account. Click on that popup/link.

Login with your school connect info (as if you are logging onto a network computer at school.

Select a class from the drop down menu at the top left of the screen. (You should at least have library as a course.)

Next, click on Class Tools and from the menu, select Voicethread.

Now you can create a Voicethread about the hero/heroine you researched with pictures, video and audio!



This is the website that we are using for our note taking activity.  Theseus

Working with a partner, skim the paragra take point form notes.

Focus on information on the following concerning Theseus

a) origins/beginnings b) skills/abilities c) adventures d) accomplishments

Find at least 10 points!

Some tips: Don’t write in full sentences. (I like to use little dashes and arrows to mark and connect my points.)  It doesn’t have to be neat, but you should be able to read it, because you are using this information for your presentation!

Change words that you wouldn’t use to YOUR OWN WORDS. Make sure you understand the text by stopping to look up words that you don’t know and/or reading over sentences out loud if it helps with comprehension.

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